Subverting our disposable culture with an act of permanence.

Achieving competitive, multi-century life cycle with mass wall masonry.

At Hope for Architecture, we offer an alternative way to build.  We are proving the idea that traditional, structural masonry, applied in a pre-WWII, utilitarian manner, provides a practical remedy for a host of contemporary building challenges:

Sustainability.   Rising energy costs.   Housing affordability.

A building model with multi-century life cycle that competes with the conventional market — ‘affordability’ coupled with ‘the staying power of antiquity.’

Call it an experiment—an attempt to subvert our disposable culture with an act of permanence. The HFA model couples old technologies with new systems of building to establish faux-free, energy efficient expressions of our built environment with millennial potential. We’ve adopted the long-view in regard to the future. We are convicted by what this means for Architecture, conservation, and our identity as a people.

This site explores an evolving process, detailing our triumphs and pitfalls along the way.  Learn, as we learn, through a candid narrative explaining what we are doing, and why we are doing it. You may even pick up ideas of your own to take forward. This is our hope.

We currently offer building services in Carlton Landing, Oklahoma. Please contact us for more information.

Educational Workshops and Internships Available

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