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With more than 25 years of building experience, Clay Chapman has designed and built a variety of unique and often celebrated structures ranging from Period Homes to Horse Stables and Chapels. As a Master Mason and Timber Framer, he leans heavily on his background in fine arts, with concentrations in sculpting and painting.

In 2012, he began a building initiative called Hope for Architecture, which strives to displace disposable building by rescuing the wisdom of the past and fusing that knowledge with technological advancements of the present.

For the following five years, he refined and developed a mass wall themed, new construction process, and in 2017, began taking the concept to scale via a pocket neighborhood development called ‘The Borough’ located within the DPZ community of ‘Carlton Landing.’  

A number of Clay Chapman’s projects have gained award winning notoriety.  He is a winner of the National BIA, Best in Class, Single Family Residential Award of 2011; the National BIA Gold, Single Family Residential Award of 2013; the City of Decatur Design of the Year Award of 2013 and CNU25’s Michael Barranco Award of 2017.

Chapman currently lives in Carlton Landing, Oklahoma with his wife Katie and three young children where he continues to explore better ways of designing and building.

Let building incite wonder and celebrate possibility — then call it Architecture; but first, we must make things that last.