Educational Programs

HFA is about hope.  Hope that we can change the way we see ourselves, and the buildings that define us.  For this to happen, we have to do more than only develop an alternative building solution that competes with convention and provides multi-century legacy.  We have to show others how we do it, and assist them as they begin their own careers in building.  Transitioning the traditional, on-site handing down of knowledge into a formal education program is a relatively new endeavor for HFA.  We are on a collaborative journey.  

The progress is promising.       


An deep immersion program intent on developing livelihoods based on the HFA philosophy and profession; tailored for individuals with a vision for solo practice who are determined to create real places that will fortify the future of our built environment.   The Apprenticeship Program is a 2 year commitment.

Living allowance provided. 


An introductory program for those who want to delve into the HFA experience;  students and industry professionals who recognizing a need for change within the current building culture. Internships involve month long commitments depending upon current project conditions and scheduling.

No allowance provided.


A visitation program providing brief, first hand experience to novices, hobbyist and professionals alike.  With enough notice, workshops can be tailored to the travel needs of those individuals looking to sample a promising sustainability concept as it is happening.

$150.00 per day                          (excluding school sponsored events)